my name is Corinna Schmitz, but everyone calls me Coco and that’s the reason why I chose the name cocography in year 2009, to combine my personality with photography.

I was born in 1991 in Stolberg near Aachen, Germany. In my childhood I was fortunate enough to discover my interest in photography. As a very creative person, I soon got the desire to see the world, create something with my own hands and look further. Because of working as a model, using the world wide web, social media and literature, I was able to dilate my knowledge and my inspirations.

2011 I started studying communication design with focus on photography at the Kölner Design Akademie in Cologne, Germany. Afterwards I successfully finished my Bachelor (Hons) of Arts in Photography at Middlesex University in London, UK in 2014/15. With my studies I also found my way back to analog photography, which I will always prefer. I’m now working as social media manager in a global company.

Affected by the past and the present I want to create stories with a profound, personal sense. I pay much attention to details, their gestures and the originalities they have. The whole world is a fountain of inspiration and you only have to know how to use it. I am deeply inspired by my childhood memories, old movies, classical music, legends, nature and the old masters of art and photography.

Untouched beauty lures me.